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At HT Offers, our passion is finding great deals and sharing them with you. We spend our days convincing local business owners to give you the best deals and making them available on our mobile website.

We like to shop and we love bargains as much as you do. So, we’ve created the HT Offers mobile website to better help you find local savings and make shopping fun and easy! All you have to do is show the cashier your code to enjoy the savings.

For Shoppers

HT Offers brings you the latest deals wherever you are – from local shops to restaurants, spa services, and more – right to your phone. Designed to work with mobile devices, HT Offers is always searching to find you the best deals wherever you happen to be.

For example, are you looking for a restaurant nearby offering dining specials? Go to HometownOffers.com. It will locate where you are and then finds the best offers near you. With deals so easily accessible on your phone, shopping is now fun, easy and most important affordable. Go to the website or download the app, tell your friends about us, and spread the good news. Everybody loves to save money.

For Local business

HT Offers is an innovative and cost-effective way to build your business, increase revenue, and reduce your marketing costs.

We are not Groupon or similar daily deal sites. We believe in sustainable growth. You're in full control of your offers, including expiration date, usage limits, & more.

Think of a deal you like to promote. Create the deal on our website and let us show your offers to shoppers right in your area who are actively looking to spend money. It’s that easy.

Remember, our business model is conducive to sustainable growth. Only create deals that you are comfortable with. Our website is not just for coupons. Use it to promote your daily specials or Happy Hour events.

The best part is our price. It’s free to start if you are a restaurant. For other retailers, there’s a small monthly fee.

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