For local businesses, a great opportunity to drive sales!

Many local retailers are facing difficult times as more competition enters the market and consumers have more options online to spend their money.

Large corporations support their stores by using their financial resources to do focus groups, hire ad agencies and use technology (data mine) to find out their customers shopping habits. By doing this, they are able to target marketing campaign to shoppers that are most likely to visit their stores and bring in more traffic.

For small business owners, this is not practical. It is expensive and time consuming. So what is the alternative?

At HT Offers, we are giving local businesses the competitive edge to compete in today’s marketplace.

HT Offers has created this new service to give your business another way in which to compete with the marketing strategies of large companies—all at very affordable price.

Because you have total control and flexibility, you can use create deals, test them out and see what works. Your deals and the feedback you get from customers are invaluable. It serves as your focus group. HTO will deliver your deals to customers nearest to you by way of mobile technology.

Mobile technology is the wave of the future, and that is where HT Offers focuses our attention in order to bring customers right to your door.

At HT Offers, we are here to help a wide variety of local businesses—from restaurants and shops, to local entertainment and service industries—promote targeted, appealing offers directly to customers’ phones.

Already a very popular form of marketing, location-based marketing will only continue to get bigger as mobile apps become more popular with consumers.

How it works...

HT Offers is always FREE for consumers to join. It is a location-based service for local businesses to create deals and have it be promoted by us. Consumers go online via our mobile app or by going to From there, they can find deals filtered by category and distance. Only deals closest to them will be shown.

Businesses can easily set up and manage their own deals and are in full control of their own offers.

Users aka shoppers can access HT Offers on their smart phone, and filtered deals based on location and category. In order to redeem the offer, just show the deal to the cashier and enjoy the savings.

We are NOT a voucher system like Groupon or Living Social.

Voucher systems don’t allow for flexibility or control, and offers are expensive to run. It’s not a sustainable growth model for most businesses. You cannot consistently offer 50%- 75% off you regularly priced menu, then pay Groupon or Living Social half of your sales and expect to grow.

At HT Offers, we put you in control. Now you have the opportunity to manage your own promotional offers and marketing, which allows your business flexibility in connecting and interacting with local customers. We're one of the most cost-effective ways of bringing customers into your store.

You decide what the best deal is, you decide what platform to use (mobile or desktop) and you decide the duration. In essence, you are the marketing guru for your business. Promoting your offers through mobile technology is the smart, easy way to publicize your business and increase foot traffic.

Restaurants are free to join while other retailers pay a small monthly fee. HT Offers is simple, easy to use, and it works.

Think Smart, Fast, and Effective

Think Smart.

Think outside the box and be original!

If the local yogurt shop or hair salon has an offer, don't try to copy it exactly. You’ll want to find the right angle for your individual business. The deal you are offering should fit your needs, your kind of business, and the personality of your customer. Not every customer is looking for the lowest price. However, everybody wants a good value. Be creative!

Think Fast.

Our world is rapidly changing. What use to work yesterday may not apply today. HT Offers lets you act quickly to a shopper’s shifting preference. Login and create a deal. Then test it. Keep what works and change what doesn’t. HTO is extremely flexible.

For most accounts, you are allowed to add up to three deals; but stay focused on your customer’s preference, and if an offer isn’t working, try something new! It is quick and easy to make changes to your deals. Give it a try!

Think Effective.

Don’t just throw up one deal and let a month go by to see what happens. Think strategically and target your offers.

Everyone likes a good deal. Nobody likes to miss an opportunity. By changing your offers and keeping it relevant, you give shoppers impulse to buy now and not later.

Try it and don’t forget to share your deals with your friends and family. HTO has a built in share function for Facebook, Twitter and your email list.

You are in Control

With our easy to use, self-service merchant center, we give you the tools you need to help you create and manage all of your special offers. You have total control of when you want your deal to start and end. Set up is simple and intuitive, allowing you to create specific offers for one or more locations, putting you in charge.

Give it a try! For restaurants, it is free to join HT Offers. For other retailers, call us and we’ll get you started for a small monthly fee. There is no obligation. You will be able to checkout our Merchant Center, and see how it works. After your Merchant Center account is set up, you can start publishing your special offers and bringing in new customers!

Promotions and Publicity

To get to the HT Offers app, smart phone users simply scan a QR code. When a customer scans your QR code, it will take them right to your page at HT Offers. After registering with HT Offers, some promotional fliers and a window sticker with your unique QR code will be mailed to you.

As a promotion, new businesses that sign up with 1000 free business cards and other promotional material to support their business and to help spread the word about HT Offers.

We will also send out flyers to other business across Orange County. As more businesses sign up and start promoting their deals on HT Offers and other social media sites, all are partners will benefit. Additionally, we will be using our Hometown magazines with a circulation of 365,000+ homes to spread the word.

At HT Offers, our mission is to bring business back to local, small business as well as give customers great deals, and we need business owners like you to help us create a fantastic experience for people using the HT Offers app and website.

Restaurants join HT Offers today for FREE. Other retailers, there’s a small monthly fee. For everyone, we're one of the most cost-effective ways of bringing customers into your store.

  • Restaurant with 1 Offer FREE
  • Restaurant with 3 Offers $25 per month
  • Other Retailer with 1 Offer $50 per month
  • Other Retailer with 3 Offer$100 per month
  • Each Additional Location$20 per month

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