Tustin Plaza Car Wash

Tustin Plaza Car Wash is a full service hand car wash offering complete interior and exterior auto cleaning and detailing. Our facility features an environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art touch free machine washing process that is great for your car.


Paul Blanco

AVOID THIS FACILITY AT ALL COSTS! DISHONEST MANAGEMENT!!!!! I went to this car wash after seeing their good reviews. I purchased a wash and upgraded interior cleaning. The quality of work was adequate. However, I noticed that the 12 volt plug cover had been broken during the cleaning. I showed the manager the damage. He promptly apologized and offered to replace the part. I was truly encouraged by his apology and offer to repair. I explained that, since the piece was broken by their technicians and that they are not a repair facility, I did not feel comfortable allowing an unqualified person to make the repair. Who in their right mind would let the same car wash guys who broke the car try to repair it??? Instead, I told him that I preferred to take the care to a mechanic for the repairs. He agreed and asked me to email the estimate for repairs to the office. Feeling like I had found a decent car wash facility with fantastic customer service, I left the car wash satisfied. I obtained the estimate and emailed it to the office, as requested. I received a response from a Peter Baek(who declined to provide his title/position in the company. Peter rescinded the managers offer of repair and instead offered to reimburse me for the part, only. What? How does that help me? Apparently, Peter believes that the parts are magic and will install themselves upon purchase! Realizing that Peter was not concerned with providing good customer service or even taking the basic effort of repairing damage caused by Tustin Plaza car wash employees, I indicated that I would even accept a credit at Tustin plaza for the full costs of repair. I even pointed out that, despite the broken piece, there was an opportunity for Peter to earn himself and Tustin Plaza car wash a great review. He responded with his original offer and accused me of trying to take advantage this situation! My advice: Stay away from Tustin Plaza Car Wash.