Crossline Church

In the fall of 2004, I began a season of focused prayer concerning the future God had for my family and me. I was at a crossroads in ministry and needed clear direction from God. I went to Forest Home, a Christian conference center in the San Bernardino Mountains, and earnestly sought the Lord. Praying on the spot where God spoke to Billy Graham, I asked God to speak to me about where and how He wanted me to serve Him. That time of prayer launched a 10-day period of prayer and fasting to seek confirmation and leading from God. God spoke to a small group of us about the vision to start a church that would reach both seekers and committed disciples with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. For a period of four months, a weekly prayer meeting gathered to pray and dream about God’s direction. Following the pattern of the early disciples in Acts 1-2, the founding core group of Crossline Church spent a focused 10 day season of prayer before it launched the first public worship services in February of 2005.