Sister Sicily

With all the changes we all are going through, losing our beloved Sister Sicily was such an impact on our family. For one, our daughter worked at Sister Sicily & like the entire staff, she lost her job. Our family lost our weekly "Italian Food Night" location. We no longer had our "go to" take out pizza spot. So we thought we really can't stand by and have the entire neighborhood also miss their pizza and pasta... so we bought Sister Sicily. Now we have opened the restaurant with the same great recipes, Re-hired the chefs and waitstaff back and re-connected with our neighborhood. We also decided to add a couple of items that we believe will fit right into our local neighborhood Italian eatery. We are adding Italian Gelato made right here in Orange County - it is delicious! Also, what goes better after a nice Italian dinner or to start off your day than a true Italian Espresso drink - latte, cappuccino, iced or hot will really hit the spot. Now that we have re-opened, we asked that you come back and support us as we support the staff and our neighborhood. Thanks from Gwen, Dalton and Adam


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